About the Production

Filmed in the bustling cities and hypnotic deserts of the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan, The Rendezvous tells a timeless tale with particular relevance for today’s audiences. A thrilling mix of action, adventure, humor and romance, the film brings together history, intrigue, rare religious artifacts and mortal danger in a classic love story inspired by Sarah Isaias’ novel, A New Song.

Producer Dan Halsted recognized not only the cinematic potential of Isaias’ novel, but the importance of bringing a fresh, open perspective to some of today’s most pressing geopolitical and cultural issues. To bring the story to life, he gathered a team of gifted artists, starting with Screenwriter Terrel Seltzer (One Fine Day) and Jordanian Director Amin Matalqa, whose first feature, Captain Abu Raed, won the Audience Award for World Cinema at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Matalqa saw the film as an engaging mystery thriller that focuses on the chemistry between the leading characters. From a playful title sequence inspired by the work of designer Saul Bass to the escalating, lush symphonic score by Grammy®-nominated composer Austin Wintory, the style of the Hollywood Golden Age thriller was the guiding principle.

Collaborating with executive producer Amanda Rohlke and casting director Lindsey Weissmueller, he found the ideal on-screen couple in Stana Katic (star of the ABC hit series Castle) and Raza Jaffrey (Homeland and NBC’s Smash).

The Rendezvous began its 30-day shoot in Jordan in early May 2015, followed by three days in Los Angeles, with an internationally acclaimed supporting cast and a crew consisting of talented Jordanians, Americans, French, Palestinians and Serbs.

Bordered by Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel, Jordan is an Arab kingdom about the size of Indiana, with a rich cultural heritage that dates back to the dawn of civilization. The bustling modern capital, Amman, exists side by side with the ruins of the past.

An epic journey through an ancient landscape, The Rendezvous sweeps audiences into a thrilling adventure, while simultaneously sparking a conversation on religion and culture that asks us to shed our preconceptions and our fears.